I was in high-tech for the last five years. Although I loved my job and working with cutting edge technology, I couldn't wait to come home and create a new dish for dinner. The only problem was that I was a workaholic, with three children and a husband. After finishing my calls with silicon valley at 11pm every night I was exhausted but I wanted good food. I wanted my food. 

After my father passed away from leukemia in 2016, I started becoming obsessed with what I was putting in my body, what I was feeding my children and what kind of habits we were building around food. I read In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan which changed my whole perspective on "health". Healthy food was not just eating the whole wheat bread and 0% yogurt. It is about eating real foods, foods that are identifiable.


So, that is how I started my journey towards a plant-based diet. Since then my cooking has only become better. When you are forced to make everything from scratch, all of a sudden everything tastes amazing! It is like magic. As a mother of three and the main breadwinner, I needed to find simple, fast and non-processed food recipes.


This is the mindset all of my recipes come from. I hope that in the name of sanity, a healthy body, and a happy family you can enjoy all my recipes and share what you make with me. We all have a story that brought us to plant-based eating. What is yours? 


Thanks for veging out!

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