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meal delivery plans

Place your order by Tuesday and get your delivery this Sunday 🌟

💚After your purchase, you'll receive a confirmation email where you'll be able to choose your meals. 

check out the FAQ:

What is a meal bowl?

A meal bowl is one serving of a tasty meal that comes in a self-contained microwaveable, reusable plastic bowl. An example of a meal is a sushi bowl.

How many people does a meal feed? What are portion sizes?

One meal bowl is the equivalent of one meal and it feeds one person. We have different plans to accommodate more than one person.

How do different plans work?

  1. We have one plan that is no commitment. This means you can order one meal bowl to try out and see our portion size and style of meals. You will not be subscribed to anything.
  2. The second plan is a subscription plan. You will recieve 3 different meals (of your choice) each week but just one portion of each. This means you will be receiving 3 meal bowls every week.
  3. The third plan is also a subscription plan. You will recieve 3 meals with 2 portions of each each week. This means that you will be receiving 6 meal bowls per week.

What’s the delivery cost? How will I get the meals?

Delivery is $8. The meals will be delivered to your door once a week. There is an option for Pick-up in Givat Shmuel. Then there will be no delivery fee. (We are working and expanding our pick-up locations to the Jerusalem area as well.)

Are all the meals vegan?

Yes, the meals are completely vegan. But they are not only for people who are vegan. We find that omnivores love Veg it out meals because they know they are getting in more veggies during their week.

Are all the meals Plant-based? Do you use processed foods or sweeteners?

  • All Veg it Out meals are completely plant-based. We do not use any processed foods. Everything in our meals is homemade and made from the freshest and simplest ingredients.
  • As a rule we do not add in any sweeteners to meals.
    • The only place we use date honey is in our homemade Teriyaki.
      • If there is anything new on the menu that has a sweetener we will specifically let you know.
      • The only kind of sweetener we would use is date honey or maple syrup.
  • Our meals do use oil. Mainly olive oil and sometimes canola.

If I have a food allergy or dietary needs are you able to accommodate?

Yes. Most meals are gluten-free. But, you can tell us when you choose your meals for the fist time if you have a gluten allergy or any other allergy, and Veg it out will put your meal together accordingly.

What kind of containers does my food come in? If plastic, why not something more sustainable?

Veg it Out did a lot of research into this area. So-called “sustainable” containers made out of sugar cane, bamboo, or paper are great but they are really only one-time use. This means as soon as you finish your meal you will be throwing away (possibly composting? but prob. not). We found plastic containers that you can use many times over and felt that was less wasteful. If you have ideas of how we can do this better please feel free to reach out.

When do I have to my order in by?

You have to choose items on the menu by Tuesday of each week. If you don’t choose that’s cool. We'll choose for you based on your previous preferences. You can always choose next week.

Can I cancel my Subscription? If I am on Vacation can I pause my subscription?

  • CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION POLICY: You can cancel your subscription at any time. If you cancel after Tuesday of that week you will still be charged and delivered next weeks meals. But your subscription will be canceled for the weeks following.
  • PAUSE SUBSCRIPTION POLICY: If will not be home to enjoy your meals for a week or a few you can pause your subscription at any time. Make sure to request to pause your subscription before Tuesday. If you request to pause after Tuesday of that week you will still be charged and delivered next weeks meals. But your subscription will be paused for the weeks following as per your request.
    • To pause send an email to Write pause subscription in the subject. Write in the body of the email how many weeks you would like to pause your subscription for.
    • When you would like to resume email us telling us you would like to resume. And don't worry we will also check in and see if you would like to resume. 😉