Vegan Eggplant Parmigiana 🍆

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

No fake cheeses here! VG GF NF

Ok, ok, ok, You caught me! 🙌🏼 Parmigiana should connote Parmesan or at least a substitute.

But hear me out. When I was in Capri a few years ago we went to a kosher, meat, Italian restaurant. According to kosher rules, you can’t eat dairy and meat together. So, when I saw eggplant parmigiana on the menu I was intrigued. Not only is this my favorite dish EVER, but I am also long time lactose intolerant and a newer wannabe vegan.

I ordered up and was in love😍 . This simple dish of eggplant and tomato sauce is surprisingly delicious and satisfying. And if using the word parmigiana without the use of parmesan is good enough for the Italians, It’s good enough for me🤗

Oh did I mention there are no bread crumbs or pan-frying here. This is like the simplest eggplant parm you will ever do!

Serve with a side of <carb here> or a nut infused salad and you got yourself a yummy and simple plant-based meal. It also makes a great side dish (or main for our vegan friends) for a more festive meal. 🎉

Try it out and let me know how it goes!



  1. Pre-heat oven time 180c/350f (seriously, don’t skip this part 😉). Slice eggplants into 1/2 inch slices (or the thickness of half of the top of your thumb)

  2. Layout eggplant in one layer of a baking tray covered with baking paper. If you have more eggplant layout on another sheet. Sprinkle one tray of eggplant with 1/2 tsp of salt. And drizzle on 1/4 of a cup of olive oil. Make sure that all the slices get some love. Eggplant is better a bit fried in the oven then steamed. The oil helps this happen.

  3. Place in oven. Check on the eggplant after 10 minutes. No real cooking happened yet but you might want to flip the eggplant at this point.

  4. After another 10 minutes check in again. The eggplant should be browned and starting to crisp. Watch that none are starting to burn. Olive oil and eggplant are BFF. So if any of the little guys look dry, get them re-acquainted. After another 5 minutes remove from oven.

  5. Pour crushed tomatoes into a bowl and add 1/4 cup of water, a pinch of salt and oregano. Feel free to add 1/2 tbsp of garlic powder and/or onion powder (optional). Mix it up. The “sauce should be liquidy like tomato soup not like tomato juice. Add more water if needed.

  6. Spoon a few tablespoons into the oven to table pan you will be using. (If you use a larger oven to table pan you will have 2 layers of eggplant and if you use a smaller one then you will have three. It’s your choice.) once the bottom of the pan is covered in a thin layer. Start adding in the eggplant to cover the bottom of the pan. Spoon on another layer of sauce. And so on. The last layer should be the sauce. You can sprinkle on some bread crumbs if you like. This gives a crispy layer but not necessary.

  7. Place back in the oven at 180c/350f. Bake for another 20-30 minutes. The top should get a bit crispy. The tomato sauce should dry up a bit but not too much.


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