Why is Passover different for vegans than for everyone else?

    Passover is hard enough as it is but when you rely on beans, lentils and rice for hearty meals how can you ever make meals that are filling and satisfying when these things are not allowed for eight days?  

    Veg it Out has got you covered! This year we are veg’in out Passover and bringing you recipes that will make meals that will be gratifying for you and all your non-plant-based friends and family. 


    What we’ve got for you inside? 

    • Shopping List: All the ingredients and amounts you should buy so you can make all the ingredients in this book. 

    • Pasta/Rice alternatives: A vegan meal is not complete without some yummy carbs on the side. But with no rice, beans or pasta what are we to do? Luckily there are many veggie carbs that can fit in nicely as your carbs and fill you up just the same. 

    • Dips & Sauces: There is nothing like a good sauce over your buddha bowl or to dip your sweet potato fries into. These will be the cherry on top of all of your meals. 

    • Mains & Sides: For the star of your meal, these mains are so good and heartwarming, you will end up making these all year round. 

    This cookbook is not just for people who are vegan or keep Passover. This is perfect for people who are trying to add more veggies in their diet or have an allergy to soy or gluten.